City of Finley Welcomes All The New Projects Coming Up In Town! 

The Finley Farmers Grain & Elevator Company has a couple of big additions coming up in the community! They have not only had a business merger with Farmers Elevator of Cooperstown effective September 1. 2016, they are building, building, building! 

First, there is a new truck receiving system coming up on the south side of Finley. It will include a two-story probe building and an inbound truck scale. Trucks will be probed, graded, and weighed south of town (next to Archer bin site) and be dispatched to various dumping locations in town. The outbound scale will be placed north of the north elevator. Second, you will notice a locomotive shed in town to house the second locomotive the Finley Farmers Grain & Elevator Company acquired.

Third, and the largest of these projects are the construction of the new grain load out facility where the old fertilizer plant was located. The project began in August of 2016 and has an estimated completion date of September 2017. This big project will bring efficiency and many benefits to the elevator, farmers, and the community. Great projects that only make Finley better!

More Growth in Finley North Dakota!  

Finley Farmers Grain & Elevator Company is Expanding!

The Finley Park District is investing in pool repairs to keep the Finley Swimming Pool viable for future decades. There is a PVC membrane liner being installed into the pool fall of 2016. This PVC membrane will bring longer life and add a key safety aspect to the Finley Pool.

There are repairs essential to the pool operation that need to be done during installation.  The deep end drains need repairs to make them compliant to current state code. The liner is also needed due to the pool surface no longer holds paint which is also a safety hazard. It is important to keep this beautiful big pool functioning. This is one of the only true forms of our small towns healthy entertainment during the hot days of summer season. The pool also offers summer jobs to a pool manager and 5 -10 teens. The Finley pool has prided itself on having lifeguards that are WSI certified so the pool is able to offer swimming lessons to the youth of Finley and children of the Steele County area. 

This project  is very costly and is estimated to cost $100,810. If you would like to help contribute to the project, donations are gladly accepted and can be sent to:

Finley Park District

Attn: Chad Aberle

PO Box 255
Finley, ND 58230

Finley Water Tower Project 2016 Finished

**All pictures were taken safely on the outside of the safety fence.**

August 29, 2016 - Finley Water Tower Update:

The old water tower is currently in the process of draining down, and converting over to the new water tower. It is anticipated it be completed by next week sometime. After the conversion is accomplished, the old tower will be taken down.

September 14, 2016 - Old Tower Down! Starting in the wee hours of the morning, the demolition process began. The transition has gone well and the new tower is in operation. Technology and improvements will benefit the community for many years down the road keeping Finley viable. At a 100,000 gallons the new water tower doubles the capacity of the old one.  The project took approximately 3 years.  Much credit must go to Moore Engineering for their part in helping with the planning, design, financing, and getting final approval from appropriate entities.

Finley proudly sports a new water tower in it's horizon that will last them for years to come providing safe, clean water for the town!

2017 All School Reunion 
The all-class reunion

for Finley, Sharon, and Finley-Sharon School is happening! 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Plan to come home for Finley Days 2017! 

Make time to rekindle those old friendships at the reunion while visiting family, friends and a good time in your hometown!

Check out the 2017 All School Reunion Tab on the navigation for more details. 

Finley Park District 

Investing In Community Swimming Pool

Finley Mission Statement

 Work effectively to retain, expand and promote business development and industry, creating employment opportunities, sustaining the tax base and diversifying the agriculture economy in a manner that will improve the quality of life in Finley.


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