The City of Finley has always been a community to come together and make sure the town has what it needs. Response time can be critical to saving a life. Finley desperately needs volunteers to fill the ambulance squad in all capacities. Drivers, first responders, and most importantly Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’S)!

Nobody likes to think of emergency situations, but when something happens requiring a quick medical response like a medical emergency, farm accident, or motor vehicle accident it is comforting to know help is close by. Finley has always been fortunate to have a skilled and dedicated emergency medical team to help. Finley ambulance is critically low on staff and currently only has 3 certified EMT’s.

This notice is meant to ask for members of our great community to step up and take care of our citizens when help is needed. If Finley is not able to recruit and train some of our community members, we are in real danger of losing our ambulance service in Finley. Realistically, the Finley ambulance maybe turned into a first responder community. This means we would no longer be allowed to transport patients in the ambulance. If ambulance staff is available to respond they could assess the situation and wait for transport from a surrounding community. This is a very real situation that could happen by the end of the year.

The City of Finley has a dominant aging population, many farmers, and a major highway passing through town. Finley averages around 30 ambulance calls a year. Although it doesn’t sound like a high number it would be difficult to wait for emergency staff to arrive for up to 30+ minutes especially if you are the one waiting for the ambulance.

Small town residents are always asked to wear many hats and our community is no different. The health of our family, friends, and visitors depend on us to keep this important service. Rural North Dakota in general struggle with filling emergency service teams in communities, but it sure would be a shame to lose this service in Finley. Please consider being part of something bigger that is so necessary for our community.

Please contact Tori Archer at 701-789-0629 or email if you are interested in joining the ambulance squad. Help save Finley Ambulance Service.

West Traill Ambulance - Finley 

Back Row (L to  R) Mike Kvislen, Warren Archer, Emily Wigen, Tori Archer, Todd Borth.

​Front Row (L to R) Jill Borth, Lori Fetting, Lori Mehus, Kevin Corey

  • Sheriff - Ambulance - Fire : 911
  • Steele County Sheriff: 701-524-2742
  • Finley Fire District - Non Emergency: 701-524-2346
  • Fire Hall: 701-524-1561
  • West Trail Ambulance now services the Finley area. See website for more information
  • ND Poison Control: 1-800-732-2200
  • ND Road Conditions: 1-701-328-7628
  • Medicare Information Line: 1-800-247-2267
  • ND Senior Information Line: 1-800-451-8693

​Finley Emergency Information