Volunteers Needed

To Join The Committee And Workers To Help 

New committee members would be welcomed to help organize and bring fresh ideas to the table!

Every year Finley Days does take a lot of planning and behind the scenes work. The planning begins almost a year ahead of time. Activities such as band contracts, phone calls, fundraising, and brainstorming for events continue to busy volunteers to make the weekend happen for the community.  New members would bring fresh ideas as well as ease some responsibilities shared to keep the load in a collaborative spirit of community.

An event that is planned and has a number of people doing their part doesn't seem so daunting to accomplish. It is a fun but busy time.

The more the merrier, please consider joining the fun.

Finley Days 2019

Finley Days are usually celebrated the second weekend of June each year.

Finley Days 2019

It's never to early to start planning. The Finley Days Committee is always on the lookout for a new idea to do during Finley Days in hopes that we draw more people to town to celebrate and enjoy the weekend. Keep your eyes open when attending other celebrations or events you think might be fun for Finley! It's much easier to put your own twist on ideas without having to recreate the wheel.

We would love your input! 

Please contact a Committee Member to share your suggestion or new great idea!

Karla Neset - Email - 701-524-1921

Renee Lyste - Email - 701-524-1825

Laurie Tuite - Email - 701-524-2240

Brian Tuite - Email- 701-524-2880

Stephani Stein - Email - 701-524-1463

Alisha Zentz - Email - 701-524-1680

Karen Bergstrom - Email - 701-524-2645

Why Are You Proud of Your Community?

We all know that rural North Dakota is the best-kept secret in America. There are many positive things about growing up and living in small-town North Dakota.

It is important to celebrate the positive in our hometowns. Big city and bright lights are exciting to go visit, but we all love to come home again …tell us why. For those that are far away and haven’t made it home for a while, what’s your fondest memory? Did you come from Colgate, Luverne, Hope, Blabon, Sherbrook, Pickert, Finley, Sharon, or Golden Lake? Let us know about the good stuff in your community! When you think of your hometown, what puts a smile on your face? Why are you proud of your town?

Please share a short story with a current/historical picture including a brief description that identifies the people or situation revealing why you are proud of your community. The pictures and short stories will be shared on the local town websites: www.finleynd.net or www.hopend.com

Digitally submit pictures/stories to steelejda@mlgc.com
Send parcel post submissions to Steele County JDA, c/o Karen Bergstrom, PO Box 451, Finley ND 58230. Call 701-524-2645 with your questions. It is important to enclose your full name, return address, and phone number for questions with submission. Your name will be posted with your submission.

 Please tell us why you are proud of your hometown! Stories and Pictures will be posted below as submitted!