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Finley EDC Mission Statement

Work effectively to retain, expand and  promote business development and industry, creating employment opportunities, sustaining the tax base and diversifying the agricultural economy in a manner that will improve the quality of life in Finley. 

Finley (EDC) Economic Development Corporation

The Finley Economic Development Corporation promotes economic and community development throughout the city of Finley. The Finley EDC constructed a new building to house the local grocery store in Finley. Stone's Market moved into the building in February 2010 and is located along Highways 32 and 200 in Finley. 2017 Bremer's Market now manages the store.

Finley EDC Board Members

Chad Aberle

Karl Christian

Scott Sayer

Laurie Tuite

Larry Amundson

Contact Information: 

PO Box 44, Finley, ND 58230

Phone: 701-524- 2240

E-mail :